Forest Abrshahrvd

با بدون دیدگاه

Abr Forest, about 45 km north of Shahroud , is a distinctive region in Iran. Its proximity to Shahroud and the change in climate in such a short distance has made it really captivating .
One of the most splendid perspectives of Mt.Abr is Ghal’eh Mooren heights,located in the northeast of the forest. When an ocean of fog envelops the forest ,the rocky Ghal’eh Mooran Mountains seem to majestically float as does a ship in the ocean.
One of the attractions of Abr Forest is the old trails, such as the old trail between Abr to Shirin-Abad , used by people in the past. The moss covering tree trunks, rocks, walls and the floor has turned the forest into green velvet and multiplied its beuty in the fall when the trees turn yellow and red.

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